The Directors of Yarra Valley Water Corporation present their
Review of operations
report for the financial year ended 30 June 2017.
A review of the operations of Yarra Valley Water during the year
ended 30 June 2017 and the results of those operations are
contained in this Annual Report.
The names of the Corporation’s Directors in office during the
financial year are as follows. Directors were in office for this
State of affairs
entire period, unless otherwise stated.
There were no significant changes in the state of affairs of the
Corporation during the year ended 30 June 2017.
Sue Therese O’Connor - Chair
Prices in 2017-18 will increase by an average of 1.6%. The
Robert Clive Skinner - Deputy Chair
average residential customer’s annual bill will increase in
Patrick John McCafferty - Managing Director
2017-18 by 1.6% ($8) and residential customers with water
usage will continue to receive the $100 Government Water
Gregory Joseph Camm
Rebate in the July to September quarter of 2017-18. The rebate
Susan Elizabeth Friend
is funded by significant savings in operating costs as part of the
Corporation’s ongoing commitment to productivity.
Victor John Perton
For a discussion of the program and initiatives we rolled out this
Anita Michele Roper
year, see the 2016-17 Highlights section in this Annual Report.
Eric Sjerp
Events subsequent to balance sheet date
Helen Lynette Thornton
Except as provided above, no matter or circumstance has arisen
that, in the opinion of the Directors, has significantly affected
Particulars of the Directors’ and Corporate Secretary’s
or may significantly affect the operations of the Corporation,
qualifications, experience and special responsibilities (if any)
the results of those operations, or the state of affairs of the
are set out in the Corporate Information Section of this
Corporation in future financial years.
Annual Report.
Environmental regulation
Directors’ attendance at meetings
Yarra Valley Water is subject to environmental regulation in
The number of Directors’ meetings and Board Committee
respect of its operations. Yarra Valley Water holds a Corporate
meetings held, and the number of meetings attended by each
Licence issued by the Environment Protection Authority Victoria
of the Directors of the Corporation during the financial year is
(EPAV) under the Environment Protection Act 1970. The licence
set out in the Corporate Information Section of this
imposes conditions about discharges, reporting obligations
Annual Report.
and other matters concerning the operation of seven sewage
Principal activities
treatment plants.
The principal activities of the Corporation during the course of
During the 2016-17 financial year, Yarra Valley Water did not
the financial year were the provision of retail water supply and
comply with all conditions of the EPAV Corporate Licence due to
sewerage services and the collection of trade waste within the
an emergency discharge to a stream that was undertaken from
Corporation’s district.
our Wallan Treatment Plant between 14 September 2016 to
There were no significant changes in the nature of these
7 November 2017.
activities during the year.
Yarra Valley Water also received an EPA Penalty Infringement
Notice for a sewage spill that occurred in Don Road, Healesville
on 13 March 2017.
A final dividend of $22.8 million for the year ended 30 June
2016 was paid on 30 November 2016.
Yarra Valley Water maintains an Environmental Management
System certified to ISO 14001: (2004).
The amount of the final dividend for the year ended 30 June
2017 will be determined after consultation between the Board,
Further particulars of specific environmental performance
the Minister for Water and the Treasurer of Victoria.
measures are set out in the Additional Information section of
this Annual Report.


Directors’ Deed
Yarra Valley Water has entered into a Deed with each Director
under which it is required to provide access to its books and to
maintain insurance coverage for at least seven years after the
Director ceases to be a Director.
Insurance of officers
During the financial year, the Corporation paid premiums in
respect of contracts to insure Directors, former Directors and
Officers of the Corporation against certain liabilities.
Some of the contracts of insurance prohibit disclosure of the
nature of the liabilities insured and the amount of the premium.
Rounding of amounts to nearest thousand dollars
The amounts in this Report and the Annual Financial Report
have been rounded to the nearest thousand dollars, unless
otherwise stated.
This Report is made in accordance with a resolution of the
Directors of Yarra Valley Water on the 25th day of August 2017.
Sue T O’Connor
Patrick J McCafferty
Managing Director